Rhombus shaped cutting board made from guanacastle of southern Mexico (aka guanacaste and parota). Approximately 11.5 x 16" and one inch thick. Sealed with water based polycrylic. I am an artisan worker in San Antonio who lived for years in Oaxaca and still maintain a partnership in a wood shop there. Aside from native Texan hardwoods like mesquite, Texas elm, and oak, I occasionally offer works produced from tropical wood. While my typical choice for cutting boards would be a more natural mineral oil finish, the unique characteristics of guanacastle make it such that I think it better to be completely sealed as a food surface. It is highly irritating to breathe in dust form and we wear respirators while working with it, and while relatively harmless to humans in my experience (I've certainly ingested my fair share of the sawdust), best to keep it out of direct contact with food. Also guanacastle is not a true hardwood, though it is highly water and bug resistant, so knives cut into it more easily without a hard coating over it than they do on a a true hardwood.

Guanacaste/Parota Cutting Board