Beautiful absolutely unique mesquite slab behind couch table or long entry table with blue Spectrum Waterglass inlaid over naturally hollowed out section. Dimensions are 6' long by 13-15" wide by 4" thick. Custom heavy steel flatbar legs with black powdercoating. Immensely heavy due to the density of mesquite. Can also be offered with invisible floating bracket as a mantel, but the beauty of the glass isn't visible at typical mantel height. It could be installed on walls at table height sans legs if one wanted to take that approach. I have a decent selection of large mesquite slabs I can custom make tables/mantels of all types from if you have something in particular in mind. Mesquite is one of the most sustainably harvested beautiful hardwoods of North America, because landowners in South Texas are constantly thinning out overgrown excess of mesquite on their properties, and I salvage all my wood from trees that have fallen or been cut down during thinning operations. Due to the size and weight of the table, I will deliver it in person in the lower 48 states.

Mesquite Slab Behind Couch Table With Blue Glass Inlay